2024 Harvest

The 2024 Olive Harvest is just around the corner.

The early ripening of olives has meant we will start processing and harvesting earlier than we have ever done before.

Contract harvesting will be very limited in 2024 but slots are available. 

Please provide notice for your processing needs so we can schedule you in.

When you arrive at Preston Valley Grove, the process shed will be closed to the public.  

Please do not get out of your vehicle and enter the shed or wander around the process facility.  This goes for olive drop off and oil pick up. Please use your horn to notify David or Tim of your presence.

The process shed and apron is a now a STAFF ONLY zone.

Please be assured we will be undertaking all health and welfare precautions in the handling of your olives and your oil. Arrangement for picking up your oil can be made with either Dave or Tim at the time of delivery of your fruit.

For contract harvesting specific arrangements will be made for each property, contact Tim to discuss when making your booking.

For availability and pricing contact Tim Fowler via our contact page