About Us

Preston Valley Grove, purchased in 2003 and covering 154 acres (63 Ha) is located 16 kms west of Donnybrook in the South West Region of Western Australia. The Olive Grove currently has a total of 2,200 trees, with the initial planting in 2003. The principal olive varieties being:

  • Frantoio
  • Coratina in 2016]
  • Minerva
  • Picual
  • WA Mission
  • Correggiolla

In April 2004, a Pegaso-500 Olive Press was installed at Preston Valley Grove, to provide a needed service to the growers in the region and to enable optimal processing of our olives into oil. The Press is a 3-phase unit imported from OMT (Officine Meccaniche Toscane), Florence, Italy.


In preparation for the Grove development, construction and operation of the Press, our staff have attended courses in Olive Care and attained certification in the Olive Care Approved Supplier Program, Olive Care Auditors.

Ongoing training programs and professional development for quality continue in all aspects of the business.

Sustainable Agriculture

The property, whilst not organic certified, undertakes a range of sustainable development practices.  These include:

  • The use of sheep within the olive grove and property to minimise weeds
  • The grazing practice employed minimising slashing within the grove
  • Recycling the olive waste produced from the Press into compost and adding it back into the grove and pasture minimising import of fertiliser
  • The collection of rain water for olive processing
  • The maximising of alternate energy sources, e.g. solar, for power generation
  • The property is not connected to the regional electricity grid.