Grove Services & Harvesting

Grove Management Services

Preston Valley Grove offers a range of olive grove management services to assist in managing your grove.

Specific grove contracting services include pruning, limited spraying and fertiliser application.

We can assist with olive tree pruning of your grove, from advice, training through to pruning.  We have the necessary pruning gear including; electronic pruners, small chainsaw and ladder.

Using either our quad spray unit or olive boom on the tractor we can spray a range of applications on your grove, including weed, insecticide and folia applications.  For specific requirements and quotes please contact us.

Fertiliser Application
Using our tractor and fertiliser spreader, we can apply spread fertiliser within the olive grove. We can also undertake and advise on fertiliser applications via generic requirements based on cropping and grove area, and detailed from soil and leaf analysis.


Preston Valley Grove offers very limited contract harvesting using a SICMA Speedy harvesters with the option of providing transport of fruit to the press of your choice.

The truck is a 4WD 12.5t truck with HIAB, the harvester is carried on a trailer. This will enable the harvester to gain access to any property and will provide the facility of delivering fruit to your processor of choice.  With the HIAB we will be able to load the bins if you do not have a suitable tractor with forks.

The SICMA harvesters have proved themselves to be efficient, reliable and suited to the South West conditions for optimum fruit removal when it is needed.

The harvesting service available are very limited due to harvesting requirements for Preston Valley Grove. Very limited additional timeslots are available for those seeking contract harvesting.  For specific availability, terms and conditions please contact us.